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BBC Springwatch social campaign makes waves

Enderley Pictures have worked with the BBC Digital, and BBC Springwatch team to deliver a social-optimised campaign to highlight The Watches steps to sustainability.

Enderley Pictures delivered a number of social-optimised films to highlight the extensive work they've been doing in order to move towards sustainability on the show. The films gave viewers exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the set of Springwatch, and allowed them to peek inside the much-loved show.

Distributed across the social channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the films have landed incredibly well with audiences. From die-hard fans of the show, to new viewers, the unique insight the piece offered has been well recieved, and the fast turnaround of the project allowed them to feel well-connected to the production.

Springwatch, Autumnwatch and Winterwatch, sometimes known collectively as The Watches, are annual BBC television series which chart the fortunes of British wildlife during the changing of the seasons in the United Kingdom. The programmes are broadcast live from locations around the country in a primetime evening slot on BBC Two.

They require a crew of 100 and over 50 cameras, making them the BBC's largest British outside broadcast events. Many of the cameras are hidden and operated remotely to record natural behaviour, for example, of birds in their nests and badgers outside their sett.

The film was designed with young audiences in mind, and is making waves with the established viewer base, whilst forging connections with eco-concious, young viewers.

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