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Enderley Pictures announces new development slate

Enderley Pictures has announced a new investment in it’s development slate, seeing new collaborations and new talent coming to the table across digital and broadcast media.

The development team at Enderley Pictures is constantly growing and evolving, giving opportunities to new filmmakers to tell genuine stories that will resonate with audiences around the world.

Enderley Pictures is also branching out across genres, investing in new talent across documentary, drama and comedy, and collaborating with unheard voices to create authentic films for broadcast and digital.

The new developments will take a number of new forms, and will include an investment in original programming for the company itself, providing funding for proof of concept films and shorts.

The announcement comes as Enderley Pictures reaffirms its commitment to young talent, with a host of new talent schemes and partnerships to be announced over the coming weeks to create a more inclusive and diverse television industry.

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