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Enderley Pictures announce new partnerships

Enderley Pictures has announced a series of new partnerships that will see the company continue to deliver on its promise to create content for young people, by young people.

The partnerships will see the company go from strength to strength, exploring new formats on new mediums, on platforms like TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram. Not only that, but the company has continued to invest in young talent, with the hope to create more stories that are relatable and genuine to young people.

Enderley Pictures’ Managing Director, Billy Arthur, said that he was ‘incredibly excited to see what new perspectives we can bring to the table with the wealth of new talent we’re working with’.

The company will continue to work on their conventional slate as well, with broadcasters and SVODs alike, and are continuing to rethink the way we approach storytelling in linear formats.

The news comes amidst the release of two new documentaries created by Enderley Pictures for BBC News, that have been featured across the world, and is a testament to the promise that the company has made to shine a light on untold stories.

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