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‘Vaccinating Dad’ documentary takes nation by storm

‘Vaccinating Dad’, a documentary originally produced for BBC News by Enderley Pictures, has taken the nation by storm.

The film, featured across the world from Fox News to Good Morning Britain, was heartfelt and moving, and received critical acclaim.

It was the first time in 10 months that Dr Anne Hampton had seen her father Chris, who is in a care home.

Dr Hampton visited her father on Tuesday in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, where she also vaccinated 21 people.

She said: "It was really lovely just to hold his hand."

The family, including Chris' 87-year-old wife Kari, have been unable to visit him at The Steppes care home since the start of the pandemic, except to see him from outside a window.

Dr Hampton, who works at Stroud Valleys Family Practice, said: "It was strange at first as he didn't recognise me in my PPE but when he had a good look he realised who I was."

Speaking to Good Morning Britain, Dr Hampton said she suddenly "realised I could be part of the team going into his care home, to deliver the vaccine and it just felt like too good an opportunity to be with him for a brief moment, and to be able to touch him in a safe way".

She added: "As I walked into the room I remembered that he hates vaccinations, he hates injections, so I suddenly thought oh my goodness, maybe he will jump out of the chair which he nearly did."

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